Taleo Links

Taleo Production Login Here.  Login password required.  Please note that the site will ask you to select "fed.ou.edu" the first time you log in. It is safe to do so.

Taleo Training Only Login.  Individuals who need the Taleo Hiring Manager or the Taleo Preparer Role will first need to successfully complete the related training. See the details on this page under "Access To Taleo and Position Description."   

Access To Taleo and Position Description

Need access to Taleo or Position Description? Determine what role you will need as part of your department's hiring process. Use our Taleo and Position Description Role Request form to review the roles and request access. Once we have received your completed form, we will set up your account and return login instructions by email. Please note: Some roles require training before we can provide system access.

No longer need access to Taleo or Position Description? If you are still working in the same University organization, but you no longer need access to Taleo or Position Description, send an email from your university email address to Taleo@ou.edu and ask to have your access removed. We will send you a confirmation email once this is done. If you are moving to another department or leaving the university, your access will automatically be removed. No action is needed on your part.