Taleo Links

Taleo Production Login Here.  Login password required.  Please note that the site will ask you to select "fed.ou.edu" the first time you log in. It is safe to do so.

Taleo Training Only Login.  Individuals who need the Taleo Hiring Manager or the Taleo Preparer Role will first need to successfully complete the related training. See the details on this page under "Access To Taleo and Position Description."   

Access To Taleo and Position Description

  1. Identify your role. Determine what role you will need as part of your department's hiring process. Use Taleo and Position Description Role Request form to request access.
  2. Review your training modules. Once you have submitted the form, complete the training for your requested Taleo Role. Training requirements are outlined here.
  3. Complete your practice exercises (for preparers and hiring managers). You will be given access to the Taleo training database to complete exercises and gain experience.
  4. Download your documentation. We recommend you download the help documentation for your role and create a desk manual for the system. Looking to save paper? We have online help files here.
  5. For ongoing help and support, you can return to this website for additional resources. You can also contact HR at taleo@ou.edu for technical support.