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Welcome to Your Oracle Talent Acquisition (Taleo) Support


Taleo Candidate Processing Changes for Hiring Managers

The "HM Review" section of the Taleo CSW (Candidate Selection Workflow) will undergo a change on January 14, 2019. The "HM Review" section of candidate processing will be reduced on all new requisitions moving forward, allowing faster management of candidates and a reduction of unncessary mouse clicks througout the system.

See below for information and training from http://askhr.ou.edu/ regarding these changes:

Managing Candidates Forward

List - Steps and Statuses (HM Screen)

New Workshop Available: Taleo Basics 
To gear up for this summer’s hiring season, join us for a Taleo Basics workshop. This class is for any Taleo user getting ready to post new jobs or simply looking to brush up on their Taleo skills. Look for an upcoming session on your campus by browsing the Training Calendar for "Taleo Basics".

Help Materials Available 
New informational materials have been created at askhr.ou.edu. This information should be useful as you post jobs and manage candidates in your department. We keep this content up to date, so be sure to check back often.

Taleo Tips

Once you have worked through an offer with your candidate, it is vital that you record that offer in Taleo. The job posting cannot be closed out without a record of the offer. Once we have a record of the offer and the candidate's acceptance, HR will initiate the Second Pass process via an email link that collects important information from the candidate.

Technical Help

General Access Issues

If you are having access issues, you might be accessing old data from your web browser's cache. To remedy this, please select the link below and follow the directions listed below the Operating System or Web Browser you are currently using.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Google Chrome Support

Currently, Taleo Recruiting uses Adobe Flash. If you are experiencing issues regarding Flash, please see the information below.

To fix general issues with Flash on Chrome:

With Chrome version 69+, the access process to Taleo Recruiting has changed. 
You will now no longer be able to retain a Taleo site exception for Flash usage on browser closure. As such, you will have to perform the actions below each time you access Recruiting from a new occurence of Chrome.

  • After logging in, while on the Welcome Screen, select "Recruiting".
  • Next, select "Get Adobe Flash Player".
  • Finally, select "Allow" on the "Run Flash" popup.
  • You should now have access to Taleo Recruiting.

NOTE: If you do not have the ability to make the changes listed above, please contact the IT representatives for your area to help you with this process. You may also send an email to  taleo@ou.edu for further support.